Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church is purchasing, reconfiguring, refurbishing, & repurposing a pipe organ for our worship space. This blog chronicles the journey of a "Green" Organ.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Organ Update from F. Christian Holtkamp

March 9, 2011

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Attn: Pastor Christopher Smith
12650 Johnny Cake Road
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Dear Pastor Smith:
Please find enclosed invoice for our work to be done on your pipe organ. Our work progress at this point includes the following: our design engineer has continued to work closely with David Linner so that new construction issues are addressed. The blower has been started and tested. The many blower room components have been manufactured and assembled. Swell shades, frame, roof panels, and enclosure are in the final stages of completion.

Components for the new console for your organ continue to be constructed and assembled. The music rack light and pedal board light has been completed. The key cheeks for the keyboards have been constructed. The console bench has been constructed. Push button components have been constructed.

The zinc for the new bass pipes has arrived in the USA and is waiting for customs to clear it for de livery. All pipe metal casting for new pipes, languids, and mouth inserts has been completed. Construction of the Great 8' Dulciana and the extension for the Choir 8' Bourdon is underway.

Three of the new reed sets arrived at our shop last week: 16' Posaune, 16' Cromome, and 8' Tuba Harmonique. We have revoiced the Swell 16' Bassoon, Swell 8' Trompette, and the majority of the Great 8' Trumpet. The 8' Bourdon rank has been re-scaled and re-voiced.


F. Christian Holtkamp
The Holtkamp Organ Company

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