Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church is purchasing, reconfiguring, refurbishing, & repurposing a pipe organ for our worship space. This blog chronicles the journey of a "Green" Organ.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Construction Begins!

Construction to reinforce the area where the organ will be began on Monday, March 7! The pipes and organ console are still in Ohio, but progress is being made.

This construction is to reinforce the structure underneath the organ (pipes weigh a lot!). Also, walls absorb a lot of sound, so they will be making the walls more sound-resistant and less sound-absorbing. This way, the sound from the organ goes into the room and not into the wall.

Enjoy the pictures! (Move your mouse over each picture for a caption.)

Before Construction BeginsPutting up the tarp to keep the dust down.

The tarp covering the Organ Chamber (Above the Sacristy)More of the tarp covering the Organ Chamber (Above the Sacristy)

Daylight is shown through the ceiling and wall of the SacristyThe wall is torn down, where the pipe organ painting was.The ceiling in the SacristyThe Music Storage Room is getting ready!Above the Sacristy again.

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