Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church is purchasing, reconfiguring, refurbishing, & repurposing a pipe organ for our worship space. This blog chronicles the journey of a "Green" Organ.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Update from Our Organ Builder

April 11, 2011

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Attn: Christopher Smith
12650 Johnny Cake Ridge Road
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Dear Pastor Smith:

Our work progress at this point includes the following: our design engineer continues to communicate with the architects to resolve several issues that have come up related to the pipe organ installation. Drawings continue to be produced for the construction and assembly of your pipe organ. The swell box enclosure has been set up in our erecting room. The wind system has progressed rapidly—several windlines have been constructed and fit to specifications. Concussion bellow assemblies have been constructed—fourteen in all. Fan enclosure boxes have also been constructed. The unit windchest components have been constructed and fit together—including the large pedestal unit windchest components.

The new console for your organ has progressed well, most notably the keyboards are now being worked on. Each of the 183 keys mechanisms require special attention. The larger wood pipes are being fitted for use in your pipe organ. Pipe surfaces requiring refinishing have been stripped of their old finish.

Currently, two sets of organ pipes are being worked on—the 8’ Flauto Dolce and the 8’ Spitzviol. Both sets require modifications so that these pipes may fit in the organ chamber. Additionally, the voicing of organ pipes continues—our voicer has been working on several sets of pipes—namely the 8’ Crummhorn, the 16’ Subbass, and the 8’ Tuba. All of the reed pipe sets for your pipe organ are now on our site. Lastly, the releathering of all your existing windchests has been complete.


F. Christian Holtkamp, President

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